1. Best camping destinations in India

    Best camping destinations in India

    The beautiful nation of India is a tourist’s paradise. The best part about visiting India is the variety of adventures, experiences, sights and sounds, and cuisine that await a visitor.

    A single visit to India can never suffice for experiencing the beauty of India. It is a land of diverse cultures, people, landscapes, and also tourist destinations. There are hidden gems dotted in the heart of India, which must be seen and explored to be believed. India, alternately, forms one of the finest destinations in the world for spiritual tourism.

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  2. Best Campsites near Himachal Pradesh

    Best Campsites near Himachal Pradesh

    Himachal Pradesh is a north Indian state, located in the northern parts of the Himalayan range. Ladakh lies towards the north of Himachal Pradesh, alongside Jammu and Kashmir. To the west is Punjab, while Uttarakhand is towards the southeast.

    The mountainous terrains of Himachal Pradesh are ideally suited to campers' pursuits. Sights and sounds, flora, and fauna are attractive. This makes Himachal Pradesh a popular camping destination.

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  3. Best Campsites near Kerala

    Best Campsites near Kerala

    The scenic beauty of Kerala is such that it is often called God’s own country. The green environs of Kerala and the backwaters are a sight to behold. Be it the tea estates or the hill stations, everything about Kerala is awesome. If a camper is yet to visit Kerala, the destination has to make it to his/her bucket list.

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  4. Best Campsites near Rajasthan

    Best Campsites near Rajasthan

    Winters are often believed to be the best time to go camping in Rajasthan, the land of Rajputs. Tales of chivalry and honor are heard in the majestic environ of Rajasthan.

    A visitor will find a lot to do on his trip to Rajasthan; sightseeing, enjoying local cuisines, visiting bazaars, visiting palaces with historic significance, adventure sports, or just soaking in the aura of Rajasthan.

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  5. Glamping: why is it becoming more popular?

    Glamping: why is it becoming more popular?

    It has always been easy to segregate travelers into two categories. A few of them do not mind spending a little bit extra for the luxuries they avail when traveling. This may cover luxury cruise ships or all-inclusive hotels.

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  6. Best Campsites near Goa

    Best Campsites near Goa

    In and around Goa, one comes across a sufficient number of campsites that make a perfect holiday. With a few of the campsites located right next to the isolated beaches, one enjoys views of the water in remarkable calmness.

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  7. Camping at Parashar Lake

    Camping at Parashar Lake

    Have you planned a camping trip recently or will be planning one soon? We got a jewel of an option at your discretion for your camping pursuits this season – It’s something that you couldn’t say no to. You could go camping at Parashar Lake!

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  8. What makes camping better than a hotel stay?

    What makes camping better than a hotel stay?

    Are you planning a vacation over the days to come? You are sure to have put up in hotels many times over, earlier, for your vacations. This time over, we recommend that you go camping at a campsite. Let us consider the reasons why.

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  9. Things to do in Rajasthan during winters

    Things to do in Rajasthan during winters

    Rajasthan is the land of diversity and winters are the best time to visit Rajasthan because the temperatures are likely to stay comfortable in more cases than not. This keeps your visit exciting and comfortable.

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  10. 6 Reasons to try Auto Belays at your Adventure Climbing Activity

    6 Reasons to try Auto Belays at your Adventure Climbing Activity

    An Auto Belay Device is an automatic belay device that prevents the slack within the climbing line while the climber climbs up. If the climber reaches the highest, or falls, the Auto Belay in real-time arrests the fall and lowers the climber to the bottom safely and mechanically.

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